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March 3, 2024

Letter From The Publisher

Greetings!  After a long wait, I am extremely pleased to be able to WELCOME YOU BACK to the completely new and revamped AT THE MERGE  experience!  
It is our hope that you join our community and follow along as we move forward with our build-out.  We are building a brand new online "Base Ops" for you to engage with, and hopefully, call home for all of your aviation related content and entertainment.  
You will be able to do so through multiple channels.
The AT THE MERGE podcast is published on Spotify, Amazon Music, Audible, and audio clips are also on our YouTube page.  The podcast is entering Season 2 and we have some exciting plans for 2024.  Speaking of exciting plans, we are beginning production of a video series that will be published both on our website and on our YouTube channel.  The name and premise of the series will be released later in the spring of 2024.  We promise that it will be some of the most exciting and engaging content that you will watch!   
In closing, I want to thank each and every one of you.  You all are the reason we do this. 
Your support last year when we re-established our online presence was amazing.  The reaction to the parallel launch of the podcast and re-launch of our social media channels is tremendous.

We have some great content in the pipeline, along with our fantastic partners and sponsors.
Thank you, and WELCOME BACK!

FIGHT'S ON!  SEE YOU AT THE MERGE!                   


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